Indoor Marketing/ Gifting Items

 Custom T-Shirts

Get customized logo or designed T-shirts for your staff or loved ones. This can be a good item for gifting also . Send custom tee gifts to your special ones.There are various benefits of having Custom Tees 

1) It’s a great way of expressing team spirit

2) It allows for advertising

3) It lets you show your support for a social cause

4) It helps your team stand out and appeal to the crowd

5) It’s affordable

Logo Pens

Logo Pens

Gift Pens with your logo on it. This can be very helpful in recall value of your brand. All our products are designed for quality and longevity and thereby we have become the top brand for ballpoint pens. Only the best pens are treasured and used for a long time.


Promotional gifts have become more and more popular in the last couple decades. In a 1991 study sponsored by PPAI, less than half of the participating businesses had given corporate gifts. Compare that to 2007, when about 84% percent of the surveyed companies gave business gifts. Clearly, this is a trend that has caught on. But why?

Business gifts take advantage of perhaps the most powerful word in the English language: free. Offer someone something for free, and you’ve immediately got their attention. This makes it an excellent way of building relationships and boosting business.